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Geopolitical uncertainty and inflation levels are rising. Such trends create a pressing need for households and businesses to seek long-term alternatives to protect their savings.

Investment strategies based on global financial instruments represent such an alternative. Actively managed strategies can include a variety of asset classes and complex hedging instruments positioned to protect the investment from a variety of market risks while achieving returns during the periods of high volatility and market downturns. Expat Asset Management  offers access to such investment solutions for individuals as well as companies and organizations - the largest specialized financial institution for individual investments and savings management in the country.

If you would like to learn more about savings alternatives, request your free individual meeting with the experts of Expat Asset Management. You can schedule a call online or in person and get more information about savings alternatives, different investment strategies and individual investment solutions.


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You can provide additional information in your request to help us prepare for the meeting in advance. The meetings can be held both at the Expat office (Sofia, 96A Georgi S. Rakovski Street) and remotely via an online platform, according to your preferences.


Тhe purpose of an individual meeting is to help people to navigate a variety of investment and savings products and services, to present modern alternatives for savings management, and to increase financial culture. Expat's portfolio managers, financial analysts and client relations experts will help you better understand the world of personal finance by answering your questions and providing personalized guidance tailored to your requirements, lifestyle and financial goals. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss the current state of your investments and savings with the Expat team and get an opinion on what strategy would be suitable for your life situation, risk profile and long-term plans.     

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Through an investment account with Expat, investors have access to investment opportunities from around the world, including over 100,000 funds from some of the largest global asset managers, as well as exchange-traded instruments from every continent. This allows the company to create a variety of well-diversified portfolios for its clients and successfully navigate inflationary processes. An investment account is a savings product and it is the most widely used way of managing savings in developed countries. Expat Asset Management is the largest specialized financial institution for the management of such accounts in Bulgaria, with clients in nearly 40 countries on 4 continents and access to all markets worldwide.

Individual investment accounts with Expat are structured individually according to the specific financial objectives and risk tolerance of the investor. Non-professional investors can find it difficult to navigate a wide palette of investment and savings products, and to select the right instruments and their allocation on their own. When constructing an investment account, portfolio managers determine appropriate strategies and asset allocation based on the client's risk profile, investment horizon, financial capabilities and objectives, and other specific requirements and individual characteristics. This tailored approach helps to structure solutions for both conservative investors who aim to preserve the value of their money and more risk-averse investors who seek to maximize returns.

In a dynamic and unpredictable environment such as the current one, active management of savings and investments by a professional team helps to apply different short-term tactics in turbulent markets, to incorporate protective mechanisms in anticipation of market downturns or increased currency risks, and to capture short- and long-term trends for individual sectors and regions.

One of the advantages of an individual investment account is immediate liquidity. There are no "lock-in" periods or withdrawal fees, no fixed amounts or obligation to make additional contributions periodically - all determined by the investor and their life and financial dynamics.Each Expat client's assets are held in major international depository institutions - with no credit risk to the management company, banks or intermediaries. And the investor has full information about the instruments they hold, the returns they receive and the costs of managing the portfolio.



This document serves an informative purpose and under no circumstances should any part of it be construed as an offering or solicitation to trade or invest in any class of investments and/or as a professional advice connected with investment decisions. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, and the value of investments can goup and down, leading to a significant loss of funds. The profit is not guaranteed, and investors bear the risk of not receiving the full amount of the invested funds. The investments in an exchange traded fund or through an investment account are not insured by a guarantee fund or in any other way. The information included in this document is prepared on the basis of sources that are considered reliable. All the necessary measures are taken to guarantee the precision of the content, but under no circumstances should Expat Capital or Expat Asset Management carry any responsibilities for this content. The company assumes no compensation to the recipients or third parties as far as the precision, completeness and/or the propriety of the information go.