Individual investment accounts

An individual investment account is an actively managed portfolio of liquid financial instruments traded in the global markets. It allows for a customized strategy and structure according to the client’s requirements and preferences, including risk tolerance, time horizon, return expectations, tax specifics etc. Such an account provides the client with higher protection, profitability and control compared to traditional forms of savings, plus additional flexibility and immediate liquidity.

What you should know

Individual investment accounts are the most common method of saving in developed countries. In the US, the majority of the population’s liquid funds is invested in financial instruments through such accounts. Expat Asset Management is the only Bulgarian company providing access to services with such characteristics. There is no formal minimum or maximum size of the individual account. Investments can be liquidated immediately, and the funds can be used by the client at any time.

The Process


  1. Profiling

    We create a long-term client-specific investment framework based on key parameters such as target return, risk tolerance, and time horizon of the investment. We conduct an in-depth interview to understand the requirements and constraints of the clients and their current financial situation and risks, in order to build a strategy, fitting their lifestyle and long-term plans.

  2. Investing

    The individual investment account is actively managed by a team of portfolio managers and analysts who monitor the positions on a daily basis, make the necessary assessments and portfolio adjustments, and produce market forecasts. We constantly monitor portfolio risk through our management systems, analyze the current market opportunities, and define the best tactical allocation by asset classes, regions, sectors, and currencies.

  3. Reporting

    We provide superior reporting on the investment accounts with a structured and comprehensive statement of the performance of the portfolio on a regular basis, prepared in accordance with the best international practices in the industry. Our systems allow us to keep and provide the clients with access to full information and documentation on all operations and transactions. Our clients also receive market research and forecasts prepared by our team periodically.


Expat Saving Strategies

Expat saving strategies are investment strategies designed to help you achieve a particular life goal. They are portfolios of financial instruments with a predefined structure and investment focus, as well as a recommended time horizon of the investment, but still offering the flexibility and individual approach of an individual investment account.

Expat Saving Strategies

Funds worldwide through Clearstream

Expat Asset Management is the only asset manager in Bulgaria with access to the Vestima platform of Clearstream. With more than 125,000 investment funds from 37 jurisdictions, Vestima is the world’s largest cross-border fund processing platform providing a gateway to global funds solutions – from mutual funds to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hedge funds.

Funds worldwide through Clearstream