Expat Compass

Expat Compass is an economic research bulletin produced by Expat Capital. The product is published in Bulgarian and English in electronic form. It is distributed free of charge.

Expat Compass provides economic comments and forecasts focused on the analysis of a list of key indicators which give an overview of the Bulgarian economy. It also includes a special indicator for the health of the currency board – Expat Currency Baord Watch.

The key author of the analysis is Mr. Nikolay Vassilev, CFA – Managing Partner at Expat Capital. Expat Compass also includes a special Guest Comments on the Bulgarian economy.

Issue 15, October 2014
- The Interim Governments 2013 and 2014
- The Uneviable Legacy of the Oresharski's Government
- What to Expect from the October Elections
- The Westinghouse Project
- Merging the Banking and Financial Supervision Is not a Good Idea
- Bonds Investment Strategy 2015
- Georgi Angelov: Bulgaria Stuck in Low Gear on Europe's Economic Track

Issue 14, March 2014
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Energy Sector - Populism, Chaos, and Financial Distress
- Economist: The $9 Trillion Sale
- Biser Manolov: Funny Crying about the Currency Board
- Vldimir Karolev: 3 Positive and 3 Negative Features of the Largest Budget in Our New History
- Georgi Angelov: It Is not the Flat Rate's Fault
- Teodor Todorov: Absolute Limitation with Spelling Mistakes
- Antonia Sariyska: The Ruthless Battle for Talents
- Nikolay Vassilev: Successful People Are the Wealth of Bulgaria

Issue 13, May 2013
- Biser Manolov: Emotions May Cause a Lot of Trouble
- Vesela Ilieva: Analysis of the Luxury Real Estate Market in Bulgaria
- Hong Kong Trader: The Perils of Protectionism
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Detrimental Regulation of the Credit Rating Agencies
- Nikolay Vassilev: What Could a (Prime) Minister do for 50 Days?
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Easy Road down the Slide

Issue 12, February 2013
- Special express issue, devoted to the Finance Minister's and the Government's resignations

Issue 11, November 2012
- Nikolay Valkanov: The Myth about the "Past Time"
- Vladimir Karolev: The Hunger of the Socially Weak People
- Sebastian Neothlichs: The Government Lays Waste to the Renewables Investments
- Nicola Yankov: A Different Perspective on the Deposits Interest Tax
- Maria Panayotova: Investment Opportunities in the Bulgarian Stock Market
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Hazardous Game with the Deposits Interest Tax
- Nikolay Vassilev: Where will Growth Come from?
- Nikolay Vassilev: A Fairy Tale about the Referenum

Issue 10, May 2012
- Dessislava Nikolova: Cashing the Silver Fund is the Easiest Thing to Do
- Bisser Manolov: Where Are You Going, Europe?
- Mehmet Gerz: Managing the Soft Landing of the Turkish Economy
- Dessislava Todorova: CSR as an Investment
- Thoughts about the 1995's Best Emerging Market Fund
- Nikolay Vassilev: An Experiment with 2 bn Pieces of Silver
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Pointless Migration of the Administration
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Shameful Tango with Belene NPP

Issue 9, February 2012
- Jan von Gerich: Default Fears to Put Preasure on Italy and Spain
- Peter Heil, Ph.D.: An Unorthodox Story of Economic Policy Making
- Prof. Steve Hanke: The Whigs Vs. the Schoolboys
- Adrian Nastase: Financing – the Main Problem of the Romanian Economy
- Bozidar Djelic: People Will Support Difficult Reforms, if They See Courage in the Decision Makers
- Angelos Paraschakis: Bulgaria's Slumber
- Nicola Yankov: Investment Management in a Volatile International Economic Environment
- Nikolay Vassilev: Two Questions for 1 Trillion Euro
- Nikolay Vassilev: Express Ideas for Avoiding Isolvency and Reducing Inter-company Indebtedness

Issue 8, December 2011
- Petar Peshev: Fiscal Discipline Leads to Economic Growth
- Petar Ganev: Zugzwang in the World Economy
- Georgi Angelov: Bulgaria, the Crisis and the Reforms
- Nikolay Vassilev: Is It Good for Credits to Stimulate the Economy
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Pensions – a Small. Belated and not Final Step
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Maya, 2012, and the Eurozone

Issue 7, August 2011
- USA Today: In Just 7 Weeks America Could Run out of Borrowed Money
- Ivan Todorov: Well Done to the Greeks
- Nikolay Vassilev: Acropolis Adieu. Implications and Lessons for Bulgaria
- Nikolay Vassilev: Ouzo and Tears

Issue 6, May 2011
- Galina Lokmadjieva: Financial State of the Banks in Bulgaria in 2010
- Tereza Trifonova: Banking system Overview, 2010
- Krasimir Katev: Instead of the IMF's Goad – the Euro-plus One
- Nikolay Nikolov: How to Kill a Sector – about the renuable energy sources
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Euro Plus Pact – Great but Do not Raise Direct Taxes

Issue 5, February 2011
- Lachezar Bogdanov: Recovery, Stagflation or a New Crisis for Bulgaria
- Petar Ganev: Murmur about the Prices
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Bulgarian Financial Stability Pact

Issue 4, September – October 2010
- Vladimir Karolev: Abolishing the Flat Tax Will Slow down the Recovery from the Global Crisis
- Georgi Angelov: The Budget Does not Matter
- GVA Sollers: Construction-related FDI
- Nikolay Vassilev: 14 Golden rules of Good Economic Policy
- Nikolay Vassilev: Is Greed (Leverage) Good?

Issue 3, May – June 2010
- Svetla Kostadinova: A Simple, Clear and Feasible Idea for Bulgaria's Pension system
- Nikolay Vassilev: The Pensioners' Biggest Enemy Is not to Reform the Pension System

Issue 2, March – April 2010
- Milen Veltchev: The Crisis Bites the Treasury
- GS Research: Business Sentiment Index

Issue 1, January – February 2010
- Lachezar Bogdanov: The Economy Is Flexible in Times of Overwhelming External Shocks