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London Stock Exchange welcomes Expat Asset Management as an ETF Issuer on its Main Market


With a special Market Open Ceremony the London Stock Exchange welcomed Expat Asset Management as an ETF issuer on its main market.

Expat is the only ETF provider from Central and Eastern Europe on the London Stock Exchange and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The first financial instrument from the Expat's portfolio listed in London is Expat Bulgaria SOFIX UCITS ETF. The fund tracks the performance of the main Bulgarian equity index SOFIX, providing investors with access to the largest and most liquid companies on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Later today, Expat Asset Management has invited the London investment community to a special event at the LSE to present the 11 CEE country-specific ETFs.

Expat plans to list in London the other 10 passive ETFs which provide country-specific exposure in the CEE region for international investors. In addition to the ETF on the SOFIX, the other funds track the main equity indices of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, and Greece. All of these funds are traded on the stock exchanges in Sofia and Frankfurt, and their listing in London will complete Expat's plans to provide international investors with an easy and effective way to manage their exposure to specific countries in the region, overcoming deficiencies such as lack of liquidity, lack of access and other technical factors typical for many of the CEE markets. 

Photo credit: London Stock Exchange