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Allterco received admission to trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Expat Capital’s client is the first Bulgarian company whose stocks have been admitted for trading directly on a foreign regulated market


In the recent months, Expat Capital’s team has been working with Allterco in the registration procedure for the company’s trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We are happy that as a result of the efforts of both companies, on November 3 Allterco received the admission to trading on the official market in Frankfurt. The official start date of trading is November 19, 2021, and the first date for trading with the company's shares in Frankfurt will be on November 22, 2021 (Monday).

Allterco is the first Bulgarian company whose stocks have been admitted to a foreign regulated market directly (not as depositary certificates, GDR). It is also the second Bulgarian issuer after the 11th exchange traded funds managed by Expat Asset Management. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest financial market in the European Union. The listing there will ensure Allterco’s investors from all over the world easy access to the company’s shares and will guarantee significantly better prospects for attracting capital for mid-term development.

Allterco is one of the most perspective and quickly developing technology companies in Bulgaria, which creates innovations by projecting, producing and distributing high quality IoT solutions and products. The company is a public entity since 2016 and is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The company’s main markets are Western Europe and North America.

The registration process for trading on the official market in Frankfurt included establishing many relationships with important new partners, registration of shares for safekeeping and settlement in international depositories, and going through due diligence procedures of organizations such as Clearstream Banking and Deutsche Boerse. We are happy that together with Allterco, we managed to go through the entire process, and we greatly appreciate the company’s trust in our proven infrastructure, experience and expertise in similar projects.

With this project with Allterco, Expat Capital remains committed to its mission in opening the Bulgarian capital market to the world. We provide access to the biggest international markets of quality Bulgarian issuers. Contact us to learn more about the opportunity your company to be traded in Frankfurt or London.

Expat Capital, with its licensed management company – Expat Asset Management, is a leader in the managed accounts for investments and savings in our country – with clients from almost 40 countries and access to investments from all over the world in all classes of assets. In addition to the individual investment accounts, Expat manages 18 product funds and some of them are unique to Bulgaria and the region.

Up until now, our wholly-owned asset management company, Expat Asset Management has been the only Bulgarian company with financial instruments, traded on the large European markets and one of the 30th ETF operators in the entire world admitted to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange with exchange traded funds.