Expat Gold

Risk profile: High-risk

Investment focus: Passive tracking of the gold price

Minimum investment: None

Expat Gold is a national exchange-traded open-ended fund that passively tracks the price of gold. It is suitable for investors seeking an easy access to financial instruments which track the movement of the price of gold in order to diversify or hedge their investment portfolio.

Expat Gold passively tracks the price of gold by seeking to replicate as closely as possible the movement of LME PM Price Reference – Gold index, calculated and published by the London Metal Exchange (https://www.lme.com/Metals/Precious-metals/LME-Gold#tabIndex=1).

The fund is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (ticker GLDX) where individual non-professional investors are able to trade it.

The indicative net asset value of the ETF (iNAV) can be found here.



  • Low investment threshold. Expat Gold is traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange at a minimum volume of one share, which makes it accessible to both big institutional investors and small individual investors.
  • Liquidity. For individual investors, the fund will be traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange where market-makers will maintain quotations and will guarantee the ability to buy and sell shares at any moment. The primary market for purchase and redemption of shares is also open every day to larger qualified investors.
  • Lower transaction costs. In the most common case, the Bulgarian investors could get lower costs from trading this instrument on the BSE in comparison with the transaction costs for buying and safekeeping other foreign gold funds, to which they have access.
  • No capital gains tax. Capital gains (profits) from instruments traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange are exempt from taxation in Bulgaria.

Expat Gold has a high-risk profile, classified under the 6th (out of the 7) category of the risk indicator providing that commodities and precious metals are highly volatile and their value could sharply rise or fall.

Eligible investors can buy and sell their shares directly from and to Expat Gold in the primary market, while all investors can trade the ETF's shares on the stock exchange (the secondary market).

Summary as of 22.07.2021
Net asset value per share EUR 0.9899
Net asset value EUR 544 458.51
Number of outstanding shares 550 000
Number of shares as of 22.07.2021
Number of shares already issued 550 000
New shares ordered for issuance in settlement 0
Shares ordered for redemption 0
Total number of shares 550 000
Orders on the primary market submitted by 3 p.m. on 22.07.2021
Orders for purchase of shares (number of shares) 0
Orders for redemption of shares (number of shares) 0


Managing company

Expat Asset Management Sofia, 96A G. S. Rakovski Str. Tel.: +359 2 980 1881 Fax: +359 2 980 7472 E-mail: office@expat.bg Web: www.expat.bg


Eurobank Bulgaria Sofia, 260 Okolovrasten pat Blvd. Tel.: +359 2 816 6215 Fax: +359 2 988 8191 E-mail: custody@postbank.bg Web: www.postbank.bg

The fund's Depository Bank keeps the assets of the fund and oversees its operations and the calculation of net asset value.


Benchmark Finance Sofia, 19 Viskyar planina Str. Tel.: +359 2 625 481 Fax: +359 2 625 388 E-mail: office@benchmark.bg Web: www.benchmark.bg