Expat Developed Markets Equities Mutual Fund

Risk profile: High-risk

Investment focus: Shares of companies in global markets (mainly the US and Western Europe)

Minimum investment: BGN 100 (around EUR 51)

Expat Developed Markets Equities (previous name Expat Global Equities) is an actively-managed mutual fund investing in shares of companies in global markets – with focus on the US and Western Europe. The shares of the fund are issued in BGN, but the instrument is not exposed to a currency risk related to the Bulgarian currency, as it is comprised mainly of instruments in USD and EUR. The Bulgarian currency (lev) is pegged to the euro at a fixed rate BGN 1.95583 through a strictly-managed statutory-mandated currency board. All Bulgarian currency in circulation is backed > 100% by the foreign exchange reserves of the Bulgarian National Bank.

Expat Developed Markets Equities is an open-ended UCITS-compliant mutual fund with daily quotes. The fund was licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission on May 20, 2008. In March 2013, after an approval by the FSC, its investment profile was changed. For consistency, the charts and tables below show the fund's performance after this change.



  • Immediate liquidity. The fund’s units are 100% liquid, the investor may withdraw and deposit funds at any time with no yield losses.
  • No capital gains taxes. Investments in mutual funds in Bulgaria are tax exempt – 0% profit tax for legal entities, 0% income tax for individuals.
  • Dynamic asset allocation for better diversification and risk reduction. The fund consists of a wide number of financial instruments from different regions, economic sectors and in different currencies. Thus, the investor receives exposure to markets in which a separate investment would be more difficult and expensive. The asset allocation among instrument types, currencies, markets and economic sectors tends to achieve a superior balance between return and risk of the overall investment.
  • Active and professional portfolio management. The fund is managed by a team of portfolio managers and financial analysts who monitor the markets and the global economic and political situation. We apply a long-term investment strategy and tactical allocation with the goal of obtaining a higher expected return and balanced risk.
  • Low investment threshold. The minimum investment is BGN 100 (around EUR 51) which makes the mutual funds suitable for monthly savings. The Expat funds invest in financial instruments worldwide in different currencies. The funds’ shares are traded in BGN, but the investment is not exposed to risks related to the Bulgarian currency.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, and the value of investments can go down as well as up, leading to a significant loss of funds as a result. The profit is not guaranteed, and investors bear the risk that they may not receive the full amount of the invested funds. The investments in a mutual fund or through an investment account are not insured by a guarantee fund or in any other way.

Summary as of 15.04.2024
Net asset value per share BGN 931.4169
Net asset value BGN 1 204 772.36
Number of outstanding shares 1 293.4834

Prices for issuance of units of the fund
For investments up to BGN 500 000 BGN 940.7311
For investments equal or above BGN 500 000 BGN 936.0740
Prices for redemption of units of the fund
Up to 24 months BGN 922.1027
Over 24 months BGN 931.4169

Managing company

Expat Asset Management Sofia, 96A G. S. Rakovski Str. Tel.: +359 2 980 1881 Fax: +359 2 980 7472 E-mail: office@expat.bg Web: www.expat.bg

Depository bank

Eurobank Bulgaria Sofia, 260 Okolovrasten pat Blvd. Tel.: +359 2 816 6215 Fax: +359 2 988 8191 E-mail: custody@postbank.bg Web: www.postbank.bg

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