Expat Bulgaria Short SOFIX

Risk profile: High-risk

Investment focus: Inverse tracking of the SOFIX Index on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Minimum investment: None


Expat Bulgaria Short SOFIX is an open-ended national mutual fund which tracks the inverse performance of the SOFIX index, using the direct physical replication method. The Fund has submitted a request for admission to trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Market Ticker ISIN
BSE BGXS BG9000002196


Expat Bulgaria Short SOFIX maintains short positions on the constituents of the SOFIX index in proportions closely matching those of the index and within the legal limitations and the restrictions laid down in the Rules. The SOFIX index is the main index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and consists of the 15 most liquid companies on BSE. The return of the fund follows inversely that of the index – i.e. if the Bulgarian market goes down, the market value of the fund shares would increase proportionally and vice versa.

The fund does not pay dividend. The profit is reinvested, and this increases the net asset value of the fund to the benefit of investors.

Institutional investors have access to the primary market. “Institutional investors” shall be considered all market participants complying with the definition of  “eligible counterpartу“ within the meaning of MFIA.

Expat Bulgaria Short SOFIX was licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission on October 16, 2019.


  • Diversification. Investors gain exposure to the inverse performance of the 15 most liquid stocks on BSE.
  • Hedging. Suitable for hedging long positions on the SOFIX Index.
  • Investing in market downturn. Suitable for investment when the value of the SOFIX Index is expected to fall.
  • Range trading. Suitable for range trading strategies.


ΞPortfolio Structure & Basket of Securities as of 27 Sept 2023Ξ



Summary as of 28.09.2023
Net asset value per share BGN 0.5828
Net asset value BGN 93 248.11
Number of outstanding shares 160 000
Number of shares as of 28.09.2023
Number of shares already issued 160 000
New shares ordered for issuance in settlement 0
Shares ordered for redemption 0
Total number of shares 160 000
Orders on the primary market submitted by 3 p.m. on 28.09.2023
Orders for purchase of shares (number of shares) 20 000
Orders for redemption of shares (number of shares) 0
Yield (%)
Since the beginning of the year -21.59%
For the previous year -4.94%
Since the beginning of the public offering (annualized) -13.04%

Net asset value per share, in BGN

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