Investment Strategies Based on Amundi's Funds

Expat Asset Management as an institutional investor develops investment strategies based on Amunid's funds. Through an investment account with Expat, our clients have access to all several hundred mutual and exchange traded funds of the largest asset management company in Europe.


The investment account is an actively-managed portfolio of financial instruments with the following key characteristics:

  • Customized strategy. On his own, the individual investor can hardly navigate the complexity of available investment and savings products and choose the suitable instruments and their sensible portfolio allocations. In constructing individual investment accounts, Expat’s team develops appropriate strategies for the selection and allocation of assets based on the client’s requirements and preferences for risk tolerance, time horizon, return expectations, etc. The inherent advantage of this strategy lies in the wide range of accessible Amundi fund products, including mutual and exchange-traded funds: active and passive, index-based or thematic, covering certain sectors, regions or asset classes.
  • Active management. Expat’s team of portfolio managers and financial analysts follows the development of each individual investment account on a daily basis and makes strategic and tactical decisions according to the current market environment and the client’s investment goals.
  • Flexibility and immediate liquidity. One of the key characteristics of the individual investment account managed by Expat is its ability to cater for each investor’s individual circumstances. There is no formal minimum or maximum size or periodicity of the istallments, no lock-in period for the investment.
  • Access to all the mutual and exchange-traded funds of the largest asset management company in Europe. As an institutional investor, Expat provides its clients with access to Amundi’s financial instruments, otherwise not available to Bulgarian individual investors
  • Real ownership of the assets and secure safekeeping at worldwide recognized custodians.


About Amundi:

Amundi is the largest asset management company in Europe and among top 10 worldwide according to the value of assets under management. The company has a portfolio of over a few hundred fund products and serves over 100 million retail, institutional and corporate clients globally. In the beginning of 2022, Amundi finalised the acquisition of Lyxor Aseet Management, adding over 200 Lyxor-branded funds to its portfolio – also available to Bulgarian investors through Expat Asset management.

A list of all Amundi’s funds can be found here.



The presented strategies constitute investment portfolios in accordance with art. 86, para. 2  of the Collective Investment Schemes and Other Undertakings for Collective Investments Act. Expat Asset Management is an asset management company with a license for managing client portfolios and providing investment consultancy services. The selection of individual financial instruments and the portfolio structure is performed according to the investor’s unique investment profile. The presented documents and texts are for informative purposes only and should not be interpreted as an offer or an invitation for buying or selling specific financial instruments or as a professional financial advice. The investor is informed about commissions, taxes or any other expenses in advance, during an initial discussion, prior to selecting a strategy. The investor has access to and the opportunity to inform himself about the content of documents for each Amundi fund (including prospectus, key facts, rules etc.). Expat Asset management is not a distributor of the Amundi funds but as an asset management company and institutional investor has access to the primary market for those instruments.