Funds worldwide through Clearstream

Access to more than 125,000 funds from 37 jurisdictions through Clearstream’s Vestima platform

Expat Asset Management is the only asset manager in Bulgaria with access to the Vestima platform of Clearstream. With more than 125,000 investment funds from 37 jurisdictions, Vestima is the world’s largest cross-border fund processing platform providing a gateway to global funds solutions – from mutual funds to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hedge funds. Expat’s clients may buy (subscribe) and sell (redeem) shares in thousands of funds on the primary market, just like institutional investors.

Expat has investments in over 50 markets worldwide. The access to the Vestima platform gives our clients with individual investment accounts a one-stop-shop solution for an even greater variety of financial products, and thus more opportunities to achieve better diversification for their personal savings.

The Vestima platform includes the funds of the largest asset managers in the world, among which:


Vanguard Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

UBS Asset Management


Prudential Financial Inc.

Fidelity International

Goldman Sachs Asset Management International

HSBC Global Asset Management

Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Credit Suisse

Franklin Templeton Investments

AXA Investment Managers

BNP Paribas Investment Partners

Allianz Global Investors

Schroder Investment Management

Generali Investments Europe

Pioneer Investments


Natixis Global Asset Management

Deutsche Asset Management

Nordea Investment Management

NN Investment Partners

Swiss Life Asset Managers

Santander Asset Management

Lazard Asset Management

Pictet Asset Management

Lyxor Asset Management

Danske Capital

BBVA Asset Management

KBC Asset Management

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