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Expat Bonds ranks 5th among the mutual funds in Bulgaria


At the end of 2010, with an yield of 8.37% for the past 12 months, the mutual fund Expat Bonds has ranked 5th among the c. 100 funds in Bulgaria and 2nd among the funds investing in the money market.

The performance of the other 2 mutual funds – Expat New Europe Stocks and Expat New Europe Properties – was also satisfactory at the end of 2010.

After reaching the highest quotation in its history of BGN 1,001.66 per share and exceeding its nominal value for the first time, on 30 Dec 2010 Expat New Europe Stocks had a positive yield of +3.43%. In comparison, the indices SOFIX and BG40 ended 2010 with a negative yield of -15.19% and -2.10% respectively.

Despite the hard year in the area of real estate, Expat New Europe Properties managed to keep its capital with an yield of a little less than zero (-0.74%) for the last 12 months. During 2010, SOFIX fell by -15.2%, BGREIT by -9.7%. In the last 12 months, the fund ranked 3rd among the mutual funds investing in real estate in Bulgaria. The strategy is focused on capital preservation, as most instruments related to real estate have fallen down in value.