Expat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETF

Risk profile: High-risk

Investment focus: Shares of the MBI10 Index on the Macedonian Stock Exchange

Minimum investment: None

Expat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETF is an exchange-traded fund which tracks the performance of the MBI10 Index on the Macedonian Stock Exchange, using the direct physical replication method. It is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XETRA), and on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. It is suitable for Bulgarian and foreign investors who want a liquid and diversified exposure to the Macedonian market and the region as a whole.

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The indicative net asset value of the ETF (iNAV) can be found here (ISIN iNAV DE000A2LZV37).

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF, Exchange-Traded Funds) invest in shares of companies in a particular index or sector, or in commodities, etc. Expat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETF invests in the shares of the companies included in the MBI10 Index. This is the main equity index of the Macedonian Stock Exchange and consists of 10 companies. The ETF invests in all MBI10 companies in proportions closely matching those of the index and within the legal limitations. The return of the fund follows that of the index – i.e. if the Macedonian market goes up, the market value of the ETF shares would increase proportionally.

The ETF is an open-ended passively managed collective investment scheme. The fund does not pay dividend. The profit is reinvested, and this increases the net asset value of the fund to the benefit of investors.Eligible investors can buy and sell their ETF shares directly from and to the ETF in the primary market, while all investors can trade the ETF's shares on the stock exchange (the secondary market).

Expat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETF was licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission on Jan 4, 2018. It is organized in full compliance with the EU UCITS directive.


  • An easy and transparent way for investing in the Macedonian stock market. Investors buy all the companies from the MBI10 Index. The portfolio of the index ETF is published and updated daily on the Expat’s website.
  • Diversification. Investors gain exposure to the largest and most liquid stocks on the Macedonian Stock Exchange. Diversification lowers the volatility of the investment.
  • Superior liquidity. The market makers of the fund maintain buy and sell quotes and ensure that the shares can be traded at any time. The primary market for purchase and redemption of shares is also open every day to larger qualified investors.
  • Easy to follow. There is no need to devote time and resources to analyze, pick and follow individual stocks. Index investing is a convenient and efficient macro play.
  • No income tax for investors. Capital gains (profits) from instruments traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia are exempt from taxation in Bulgaria.
  • No corporate taxation for the ETF. UCITS-compliant vehicles, such as the index ETF, are exempt from corporate taxation in Bulgaria.
  • Low transaction fees. It is cheaper to invest in one instrument rather than in shares of multiple companies. There are no taxes in Bulgaria when buying and selling shares, only brokerage and settlement commissions.
  • European regulation. The ETF is fully compliant with the UCITS directive of the European Union.


The fund is exposed to market and currency risk – the possibility of losses due to adverse changes in the value of the reference indices and unhedged exposure to the currency of the reference indices against the euro. Other risk factors:

  • The net asset value of the shares and their returns may fall, the returns are not guaranteed, and the investors take the risk that they may get back less than they originally invested.
  • Unusual circumstances such as trading obstruction on the stock exchange, surcharges, extremely volatile markets and others can lead to significant differences between the performance of the Fund and the performance of the Index.
  • Liquidity – the risk under certain conditions that it becomes difficult or impossible to sell portfolio holdings.
  • Other risks – credit risk, interest risk, tax risk, regulatory risk, political risk, operational risk, price risk, currency risk, concentration risk, systemic risk, risk of the passive fund management, risk of corporate events, tracking error risk, events that affect the Reference Index, etc.

More information about risks can be found in the Prospectus of each fund.


Ξ Portfolio Structure & Basket of Securities as of 28 Nov 2023 Ξ



Summary as of 30.11.2023
Net asset value per share EUR 1.6386
Net asset value EUR 147 471.78
Number of outstanding shares 90 000
Number of shares as of 30.11.2023
Number of shares already issued 90 000
New shares ordered for issuance in settlement 0
Shares ordered for redemption 0
Total number of shares 90 000
Orders on the primary market submitted by 3 p.m. on 30.11.2023
Orders for purchase of shares (number of shares) 0
Orders for redemption of shares (number of shares) 0
Yield (%)
Since the beginning of the year +5.89%
For the previous year -18.99%
Since the beginning of the public offering (annualized) +8.85%

Net asset value per share, in EUR

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Expat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETF NAV per unit compared to MBI10 Index close price – normalized to start at 1

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Managing company

Expat Asset Management Sofia, 96A G. S. Rakovski Str. Tel.: +359 2 980 1881 Fax: +359 2 980 7472 E-mail: office@expat.bg Web: www.expat.bg


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Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia, 6 Tri ushi Str. Tel.: +359 2 937 0934 Fax: +359 2 937 0946 E-mail: bse@bse-sofia.bg Web: www.bse-sofia.bg


Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XETRA) 4 Börsenplatz, Frankfurt, Germany Tel.: +49 69 211 18310 E-mail: boerse-frankfurt@deutsche-boerse.com Web: www.boerse-frankfurt.de


Ljubljana Stock Exchange 56 Slovenska, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 (1) 471 0211 Fax: +386 (1) 471 0213 E-mail: info@ljse.si Web: www.ljse.si


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Steubing AG Goethestraße 29 , D-60313 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: +49 69 297 160 E-mail: info@steubing.com Web: www.steubing.com

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