Welcome to Expat Capital

EXPAT CAPITAL is one of the largest independent investment and asset management companies in Bulgaria.

Based in downtown Sofia, the company offers asset management and financial advisory services. We also have a wholly-owned licensed asset management subsidiary, Expat Asset Management, with several mutual funds and lots of individual investment accounts for a select group of clients.

Our company is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.

We bring added value to our clients through:

  • Extensive local and regional expertise and network
  • Global reach to international financial markets and private investor groups
  • Application of the highest professional standards

The mutual fund Expat New Europe Stocks is being renamed Expat Emerging Markets Stocks to reflect a change in its investment profile
17.06.2015 / Press releases

The Financial Supervision Commission has approved the amendments of the name and Rules of the mutual fund Expat New Europe Stocks. Following the decision, the fund has been renamed Expat Emerging Markets Stocks. As the name suggests, its main investment focus will now be investments in equities of listed companies from emerging markets. Read more »

Expat Beta REIT realized 20% annual yield selling property in Sofia
03.06.2015 / Press releases

Expat Beta REIT sold a 123 m2 apartment with a 16.5 m2 basement in Sofia. Read more »

Expat Beta REIT realized 20% annual yield selling Properties in Bankya
06.03.2015 / Press releases

Expat Beta REIT sold 2 plots zoned for development and construction in St. Stefan Residential Complex, town of Bankya, with a total area of 1956 sq.m. Read more »

Over 250 guests attended the Expat Investment Conference
24.10.2014 / Press releases

Read more »

Expat Capital organizes an investment conference
16.10.2014 / Press releases

On 23 Oct 2014 (Thursday), at 6.30 p.m. in the Ballroom of Radisson Hotel (4 Narodno sabranie Sq., Sofia), Expat Capital will be the host of EXPAT INVESTMENT CONFERENCE, INVESTMENTS AND MARKETS. Read more »

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